Peristaltic Pump Legs & Double-Y Pump Elements

Custom peristaltic legs and double-y pump elements for your unique product and application.

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Peristaltic pump legs and double-y pump elements


Peristaltic Pump Leg Features

  Customized For Your Product and Pump Type

Peristaltic pump legs and double-y pump elements are custom-designed for your unique application, featuring a wide variety of components and connectors to meet your requirements.

  Molded Components Available For Ultra-Precise Fills

Overlook can mold down to 0.5mm ID silicone tubing, eliminating leakage associated with cable-tied, barbed connection points.

  Wide Range of Tubing Brands and Sizes Available

We work with several popular brands of platinum-cured silicone tubing, FEP, PVDF and more.   


Why Buy Your Components From Overlook?

Choosing Overlook as your supplier of custom peristaltic legs and double-y pump elements offers various advantages:


Overlook products are molded, assembled, flow tested, integrity tested and packaged in ISO 7 clean rooms.

Clean room assembly techs are suited in full body garments that exceed ISO 7 requirements to ensure maximum cleanliness.

Overlook has the ability to mold 0.5mm ID silicone tubing into single-piece fluid paths, eliminating restriction and the high potential for leakage associated with small ID plastic fittings.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our QMS exceeds the requirements of the world's greatest pharmaceutical companies in relation to GDP, personnel training, clean room gowning and operation, and incoming materials handling and storage.

Overlook is audit-ready at all times and we welcome any questions about our SOPs and quality protocols.


Manufacturing & Packaging

Peristaltic pump legs and double-y pump elements undergo a strict quality review of all manufacturing and packaging documentation prior to shipment:

  Clean Room Inspection and Bagging

All pump legs are assembled and packaged in an ISO 7 clean room. Bags are 4mil thick and manufactured in an ISO 5 environment.

  Full Quality Inspection

All raw materials certs, routing sheets and inspection logs are reviewed by quality prior to batch release.

  Detailed Product Label

Including part-number, job number, date of manufacture and expiry or use-by date.


How To Order

We use a specific protocol to provide the utmost transparency and service to our customers at every step of the ordering process:


A quote for your item will be provided, either with the requested quantity or standard price breaks.

We ask that all orders submitted to our sales team include part-number, item quantity and per-item price.

After receipt of PO, an acknowledgement will be sent by our sales team within 48 hours to verify order info, including expected ship date.

Once your PO has been acknowledged, our production team will begin working on your order.

Once your items are completed, they will be inspected, bagged and shipped per our QMS. Certificate of compliance accompanies each order.


Each Batch Release Includes

  Overlook C of C

The full manufacturing package, including production logs and raw material certs, is maintained by quality for 5 years.

  Detailed Packing Slip

A detailed packing slip provides all relevant order info to be easily handled by your receiving department.

  Gamma Certs and Indicators

Gamma-sterilized items include certs of process and color-changing gamma indicators on all labels.

  Shelf Life

Gamma-sterilized items are validated to a 30-month shelf life and non-sterile items to 60 months. 

  Multi-Bagged Items

All non-sterile items are double-bagged and gamma-sterilized items are triple-bagged in clean room quality bags.

 Electronic Job Records

All job records are scanned to multiple secure locations and are available for reference upon request.


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